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1 - I’m still a beginner and I’m stuck on a project, I’m using a translator, so sorry if it’s not understandable.

2- I need to display a list of USERS that are inside a MEMBERS list that are part of an item in the database called PROJECTS.

3- I want to show in a repeater group all the MEMBERS (list of USERS) of a PROJECT.

4- I believe I did it correctly in the database because it finds the elements.

5- The system returns perfectly when I use the first item or last item, I would like it to return all MEMBERS (user list) of this PROJECT.

6- I tried to use RANDOM, but the profile picture and name appear randomly.

7- Could someone help me, I’m lost all day in this.

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If the text element from your screenshot is in a repeating group, you need to the “Current cells thing” to reference the data in your list.

Not sure I understand your question fully, so I hope this helps somewhat.

thanks for answering me.

I can point to the item in the database and get the information, but only if I choose a specific item, like FIRST, LAST or RANDOM.

Image 2: See that only the NAME item appears, if I put one of these options before, and not just NAME after selecting MEMBERS (img 1)


Hmm. Can you send a picture of the repeating group data source you have set up?

So right now you are trying to show each User in a text element, so you need to do :joined with “,” to show them separated by a comma

if the user is part of this project (member), then he appears in this list of members.

I’m trying to get this list of members from the bd.

Any particular reason you have the extra data type Members? Instead of just storing a list of users under the project? It would simplify your search unless there’s a specific reason its like that

Unfortunately i do.

Because I want to show a list with only the MEMBERS (list of users) of that specific PROJECT.

Yea so if you had a list of Users under the project instead, when viewing your project you just add a repeating group and make the data source “Current Page’s Project’s Users” to find any user in the project. And some text inside the cell to show their name.

I’m just double checking if the database structure needs to be like that, it can be achieved how you have it with an advanced filter I think, but I’m just double checking

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