List and Repeating Groups

I have a table Projects and one of the fields is ‘Requested Memberships’. This field is for those who want to join the project and also this field is of the type User and can have multiple values. So for a project in the table, this field can show John, Martin, Tom (all these individuals are already present in the User table)

I want to display the values of ‘Requested Membership’’ individuals such as John, Martin and Tom in a repeating group - one person in each row. How can I do this? I am able to show the count correctly but not the individual values.


Just add a repeating group, with content-type User, and set the datasource to be the Project’s Requested Memberships.

Hi thanks but what if there are multiple projects in a dropdown and I need to choose one? Even if I choose one, it does not become Current Page Project so I am not able to reference it anywhere. Sorry for not having mentioned the dropdown earlier.

Then use the dropdown to select the project.

doing that but not working at all. I can’t figure out.

If you’re doing it right and it’s not working - check your privacy rules as it could be to do with that.

Otherwise you’re obviously doing something wrong, but without knowing what you’re currently doing it’s impossible to say what.

So feel free to share more info if you want someone to be able to help you (i.e. some screenshots of your data structure and page set up etc.)

You can also use the debugger to try and pinpoint where the issue is…

My privacy rules are all okay and publicly displayed.
I will try to explain my best

At the top is the dropdown from where I select the project (the field name is Project Tagline)

Now there is Repeating Group with text boxes like project membership requesting user name, his photo and location.

In the Repeating group, I am setting the content type as User. But the data source is confusing. I am putting do a search for Projects where the Project Tagline = Dropdown Project Tagline. This selects the project (among many in the Projects table) whose member details I want to see. However, I am not able to figure out how to select the ‘Membership Requested’ column. This is column of the type User and can have multiple values (list form) because one project may have many members.

Please see the image. You can assume the orange part is correct where I am selecting the project whose members I want to see. However , it is still incomplete because I cannot figure out the membership requested column.

You don’t need to do a search here…

Just refer to the dropdown’s Project’s Requested Memberships directly as the RG’s datasource. (assuming your dropdown data type is Project - which it should be)

Thanks a ton.! It’s working now. I ignored the ‘project’ power of the dropdown totally.
I am able to get the project member’s profile photo also. However, I want to click the photo and go to the member’s profile. I did write the data flow. Upon clicking the button, it would take me to the profileview page. The data to send is the current cell user. But when the profile page is displayed, it is my own and not the user’s,

Sounds like your profile page data is set up wrong (to show the current user’s data instead of the current page user’s data), so check that…

in the image on the top, the data type of the go to (in the dataflow) is attached (wherein I click the user image in the repeating group) and the second image is the datatype of the viewprofile page.
I think I am making some mistake in the top image…maybe parameters needed.

goto viewprofile


My guess would be your doing things wrong on the destination page (referring to the wrong datasource), which is why you’re seeing you own data instead of the User data of the page.

Hi Adam,

This is not about the profile page. I will look into that later. This is about the earlier problem where your solution helped (and thanks for that!). But now that data (after choosing the project from the dropdown) is getting properly displayed, I now want to accept or reject the member (through two buttons). Here again I am facing a problem. I tried both dropdown tagline project tagline and also Current Page Project (wrote a dataflow for designating the chosen dropdown option as current page project). However, I am not finding any option to add the user to the 'Member’s column (a user type column with list of users). Likewise, I do not see any option to reject the request and remove the user from membership requests.


Surely you should be making changes to the Project, no? not a list of Users (unless I’m completely misunderstanding your question)…

I can’t quite work out from the screenshots or you post what you’re trying to do, and without knowing more about your database setup I can’t really be more specific…

But I assume you’re trying to add and remove members (Users) to a list field on the Project datatype - in which case you need to be making changes to the Project, and adding or removing the Users accordingly.

Unless you really are trying to make changes to a list of Users - in which case what you’re currently doing is fine - you then just need to select which field on those users you want to change (perhaps you have a Project list field on the User? so you can add the selected Project to that), although you’re using the wrong workflow action to do that.

Hi thanks, about the profile page - it is working now. There was some problem with the settings.

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