Grouping & Adding duplicate data in Repeating Group

Hello everyone! I am currently creating a betting system and one of the things i would like to change is when creating a ticket instead of showing tickets that are the same i would like to combine these tickets and add them together.

As seen here in this image, this table shows the tickets and the highlighted ones are the tickets that are the same.

Is it possible to have these 2 combined and added together so it will show their combined amount as seen in the below image
Also, it could be more than 2 tickets that are similar. So i want it to detect said “duplicates” and add them all together. Thanks in advance!

Can you share your data base structure and repeating group data source?

Yeah, ofcourse. Its quite simple actually. This is the DB structure for the bets made (which is what is seen in this RG

And this is the data source for the RG

So i was able to figure out a way to highlight said tickets that have the same ratio (number in the middle of the ticket). Next step is how to hide all other tickets and just show 1 of them…


BUMP! Facing same issue.
Anyone could help us

I figured this out! I finally understood how the :group by container works.
Prep your RG data source to the usual do search criteria you want. Then, set your :group by parameters. For this part, i chose 4 conditions as seen in the image above. I chose these conditions because i want these 3 (not 4, will explain later) to show in my RG

Then i noticed it wont sort properly by creation date even when set in the do Search sort by field. I added the 4th group by “modified date” and then added the :sorted action by modified date and it works for me!

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