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Help in Sort the data

Hello everyone:
I would like to know if there is any way to solve the following problem.

I have the database created with its record entries for my website, the problem is that when a new record is added through the form, it does not appear on the website in order of the last added by date, the first at all, otherwise which appears in order from oldest to newest.

Is there a way to fix this?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying…

But what are you currently sorting your RG by?

My problem is that on the website when a new record is added, it appears below the last record that was added previously and I would like the page to order the records by placing the new record in front of the old ones

So what are you currently sorting the RG by?

Should be super simple (and I’m sure Adam is leading you here)… sounds like you just need to sort your repeating group’s data source in descending order by created date. So, try that, and if that isn’t it, provide more information, including screenshots of your setup.

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I can try it

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