Grouping resized my app

Hello, I’m new to this platform and love it so far.
However, when I’m trying to group some shapes, it resizes my whole app width why?
I though you could group just like in figma etc.
Cheers for help.
Heres a image of the problem before and after.


When you group elements the new parent container doesn’t automatically inherit whatever was configured for what are now its children.

As a general rule bubble’s design logic has little to do with figma logic.

I’m not entirely clear on your before and after situation here but I would focus on your new parent’s config and compare it with the ex parents’ config. Parents act as variables on their children essentially through alignment definition and as height and width reference when children dimensions are defined as percentages.

Hope this points in the right direction.


Right I get that, this is how my project looked before.

I want to group the three cards for several reasons. But when I do, it changed my project width to mobile width. However, I found a solution, just by going into my body and changing the size again. Not sure why I have to do this though.

  1. While you’re here, do you know why my vertical grid stops halfways?
  2. And could I somewhat zoom out where I can see the project top and dead white space above, like under the project.
  3. Can you drag- set rules like in figma, photoshop?

Thanks Cythia

Hi again,
Not 100% sure that I understood your questions exactly so apologies if my answers are besides the point.

if you are wondering why your page (by page I mean the master parent building block) is not as tall as your editor screen, that’s because whatever minimum height you set for you page (and this can be zero) is inferior to your current page height. If you set its minimum height to zero and its immediate child’s height to 100%, you should have a full page.

Unfortunately you cannot get this result with zooming. You can temporarily set margins on the top and bottom of the first child during the building process. This will give you surrounding visual and you just need to remember to void your margins when you finish prod.

Dragging: yes, you can drag and drop elements but needs to be done with caution (make sure the blue bar that appears when a potential destination is detected is at the destination you are targeting - this can shift very fast). I personally prefer to manipulate my elements in the elements tree, where dragging and dropping is constrained to a folder type logic.

Setting rules: if by this you mean defining functions that condition the appearance&behavior of a given element, yes, this can be done on the element level under the conditions tab, and also in the workflow tab.

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