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Groups not collapsing

I can only think this is a little bug but I’m unable to get a group to collapse. Here’s a screenshot…

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 15.55.34

The second search option on this screen remains hidden until a users presses the Globe Icon to search all users. It’s hidden again when a User presses the Contacts icon. Hide/Show is controlled by a simple workflow on those buttons.

While it’s hidden, I’d like the buttons at the bottom to be directly below the Contact search option.

I’ve done my best to ensure that every single group on the page is set to Collapse when Hidden, even those that don’t need to collapse when hidden.
I’ve done my best to ensure that all groups are properly inside their parent groups.
I’ve done my best to ensure that no groups overlap.

That said, I apologise if I’ve missed something.

I simply can’t get those buttons to move upwards so there isn’t that blank screen between the Contact search and the buttons when not needed. Is it a bug?

Can you show the element tree for the second search group? the one that should be hidden

Many thanks for coming back to me about this. Apologies for the delay…time zones etc.

Here’s the Elements Tree.
Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 10.18.11

This morning I’m wondering if I’m being unreasonable expecting the buttons that are below the group to move upwards when the group collapes. If they shouldn’t (because their X&Y settings are, presumably, fixed) then the issues lies with my understanding. Could you confirm if that’s the case here?

Otherwise I’d be interested to know how to manipulate things so that the buttons are always just beneath the lowest group that’s visible.

Many thanks

Ok so the reason that the second RG isn’t collapsing is because it’s in a bigger group “Group User”. Try to take that RG outside of Group User and keep its properties to collapse when hidden. That will do the trick :wink:

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Thank you SO much! You’ve solved my issue and it’s not a bug so I apologise for going in that direction. I have a lot to learn but you’ve helped chip away at that particular mountain! Have a lovely, lovely day safe in the knowledge that you have made mine by fixing this!

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Glad I could help mate. Have a great day yourself :star_struck:

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