GTM data layer parameters not being pushed to Google Analytics

Greetings bubblers,

I’m using a plugin called GA4+Tag Manager to trigger and send events to GA.

It’s a fine plugin and behaves mostly as expected. Here’s the issue: The parameters of an event triggered by a button that directs users to a different page do not make it to GA. These parameter values are visible in the GTM data layer in debug but never show up in GA. I’ve done some debugging and it seems like this is specifically caused by the user being directed to a new page after button click. The event itself gets sent to GA perfect fine, just without the parameters. If there is no redirect (IE, a test button that does nothing) then both the event and parameters are sent as expected.
I tried adding a delay to the workflow but with no luck.

I would very much appreciate any thoughts or guidance you guys could provide. Could there be a lever in GTM? Is it a bubble thing?