Send data from bubble to GTM to fire GA4

Hei guys just a quick one,

I d need to send a custom event from bubble to GTM that will in turn send it to GA4 with a Javascript action in the workflow?

How can i do it?

To send a custom event from Bubble to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and then to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you can use a JavaScript action in your Bubble workflow. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4: Make sure you have set up a GTM container and a GA4 property, and that you have integrated them with each other.
  2. Set up a custom event trigger in GTM: In GTM, create a custom event trigger that listens for the event you want to track. For example, if you want to track a button click, create a trigger that listens for a “Button Click” event.
  3. Set up a GA4 tag in GTM: Create a GA4 tag in GTM that sends data to your GA4 property. Make sure to select the custom event trigger you created in step 2 as the trigger for this tag.
  4. Get your GTM container ID: In GTM, go to the “Admin” section and copy your GTM container ID. This will be used in the JavaScript code.
  5. Create a JavaScript action in Bubble: In your Bubble workflow, add a new step and select “Run JavaScript” as the action. In the JavaScript code editor, paste the following code, replacing “GTM_CONTAINER_ID” with your actual GTM container ID and “CUSTOM_EVENT_NAME” with the name of the custom event you want to track:
var dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  'event': 'CUSTOM_EVENT_NAME',
  'gtm.start': new Date().getTime(),
  'event_callback': function() {
    document.location = 'REDIRECT_URL';
  'gtm.containerId': 'GTM_CONTAINER_ID'

This code pushes a custom event to the GTM data layer when the JavaScript action is run. The “event” parameter specifies the name of the event, and the “event_callback” parameter is an optional function that can be used to perform additional actions after the event is pushed (such as redirecting the user to another page). Replace “REDIRECT_URL” with the URL you want to redirect the user to after the event is pushed.

  1. Trigger the JavaScript action: Finally, add a trigger to your workflow that runs the JavaScript action when the event you want to track occurs. For example, if you want to track a button click, add the JavaScript action as a step in the workflow that runs when the button is clicked.

That’s it! When the JavaScript action is run, it will push a custom event to the GTM data layer, which will in turn trigger the GA4 tag you set up earlier and send the data to your GA4 property.

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Hei man @williamtisdale
thanks a lot to clarify the doubt :slight_smile: So I ve tried like that but seems to not work… I don’t have a Redirect Url (I m not sure i got the point there…)

Have a look of my setting:

Am i wrong somewhere according to you?

My bad I don t know why but it was not working. Now it is.
So all good thank you man

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You can remove the redirect URL part of the code if you don’t use it. I can confirm that everything works as expected.

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