How to send event to GA4 from a workflow?

Hi Guys
What i am doing wrong here?
I am trying to send an event within a workflow, (until now i used events using click class id and its working perfect but now i need it within a workflow).

I have used chatgpt for the code, but cant see anything on real time
What did i do wrong?

In Workflow add new action → Plugins → GTM Custom event
Add new event and think of its name. For example click_link. Copy this name, go to TAG manager and add a new trigger as a Custom event, for its name use click_link (the name of the event you want to track)

Thank you
i am trying to add it just with a code since everything else is working great and i embedded the code in the SEO Codes section in bubble.

If i will not find a solution i will use a plugin for this but i think i am really close to solve so just need very small guide.

use a GTM trigger that you can trigger from bubble when even occurs.

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