Guarantee that Personal plan app backend workflows will complete?

I have a backend workflow which is supposed to iterate through over 3000 database items and performs a simple operation to each item.

I created a simple button which kicks off this backend workflow for all of the items (Do a search for… which returns all items of a specific type) when clicked.

Does the “Personal” plan guarantee that this backend work flow will complete? Are there any circumstances where this backend workflow will timeout or fail due to load?

I have evidence that my workflow is stopping prematurely (no progress for days) and I’ve noticed that I can get it to make further progress through the list of 3000+ items by sorting the list of db items differently.

This implies that 1) The workflow is correct and CAN eventually iterate through the list and 2) Somehow, for some reason, the backend work flow is stopping before it is finished.

Who can speak to this? Is this something I won’t/will be less likely to experience on the more expensive plans?

This makes me nervous, as if I cannot depend on workflows to complete, this can result in some really bad issues with my app.


It will timeout if your app reaches capacity… regardless of what plan you’re on.


That seems like a big issue to me. Bubble should be more resilient to this. I’d expect it to drop progress down to a crawl (i.e. from 100 items/minute to 1 item/minute) but eventually complete the workflow.

Are there any workarounds to this limitation of the platform? Is there a way to check the load to feed the workflow slowly to make this less likely to occur?

Perhaps using Xano as your database will help.

You can also ask them more pointed questions as database is their forte.

Is there a way to check the load to feed the workflow slowly to make this less likely to occur?

Other than keeping an eye on your capacity usage, and trying to design your workflows accordingly, no not really.

But I believe bubble are working on a new pricing model that will allow apps to go over their capacity, and pay for overages, rather than timing out. But I’ve no idea when that will be released.