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Hackr - The Unofficial (Built on) Bubble Chat

Hey everyone, I am releasing Hackr - a messenger built on Bubble.

I spend a significant amount of time Bubbling, and I have wanted a Bubble community chat for some time now, so I figured I would build one.

This is by no means a sophisticated chat (yet). I want to release this now, with limited functionality, and build as we go. Feel free to drop in and shoot the breeze about anything (technical questions are best left to the forum). I encourage everyone to suggest updates as well.

This is not meant to be a commercial application, although I am actually intrigued by the concept of distributed teams. is an interesting model where rewards/ownership are earned by contributing work. I am open to exploring this further if anyone is interested.

Chat soon…


Very cool! Congrats.

One thing is I’d rather not use my twitter account to access it.

Also, thanks for the heads up on colony. That is a very intriguing idea!

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Thanks. I just added a regular email login method.

Colony has been in development for a while now. I look forward to seeing their actual product when they launch. It also makes me wonder if it is possible to create a distributed bubble project.

I’d be down to give it a go :smiley:

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Are you from Spain?

Hablas castellano? :slight_smile:

Negative. Switch the r/e and the domain spells Hackers.

Just pushed this chat app as a template for $24.