Handling of timeout issue by Bubble

I see many others also facing the issue of “Timeout” and app not getting saved.

I understand that there may be connection issues at our end, or there could be some server blips which could cause the app to be not saved momentarily or some timeouts may occur sometimes.

However, I think the handling can be a bit better.

In the current one, here are the issues:

  • Once there is a timeout, we don’t know what to do. Will it retry automatically? If not, can we make it retry ourselves?
  • Do we continue working or wait for it to recover? Often it doesn’t recover.
  • We don’t know what was saved, what was not saved. We can’t keep looking at whether it is saving or not continuously. It has happened to me quite a few times that I kept working and after long time I realised that it has not saved. Now meanwhile, I had created few data types, made changes to workflows, design etc. and now I don’t know where all to see what all has been saved.
  • Sometimes it just doesn’t retry or drops retrying after few attempts. Now we have no idea what to do. In past few times, I had to unfortunately open Bubble in a new window and redo whatever I remembered that I did in past few minutes.

Is it possible for Bubble to track what all has not been saved and tell us that?

Or maybe let us download unsaved changes, so that we can upload them in a new window.



Have these questions ever been responded by the Bubble team? It would be super useful to have some official recommendations.

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No official reply. I think there are some handles that we can tag here for Bubble team to look at. But I don’t remember which are those.

Maybe I should have written to support instead of here.

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Same questions!