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Issues saving app

Hello @Bubble

Today I just can’t use Bubble. I am constantly encountering a timeout issue. My internet speed is good, only problem with Bubble.

Someone else?


I have the same problem. My page loads too late in preview mode.


Same, Glad it’s not only me :slight_smile:

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Same problem here :raising_hand_man:

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Same here, workflows behave slow.

Same here

Now it’s all right! Keep working…

I wrote early. It started again :frowning:

Saaame! @emmanuel

Same here, check out latency here
A couple hours ago started rising at abnormal values, happens rarely but already happened before as you can see from the timeline. Should go back to normal soon I hope.

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Same… slowness and also unable to create or edit steps in a workflow.

PS: what is the best way to alert Bubble to this?

OK, glad to see it’s not just me. I thought for a moment I had added something to my app which slowed the whole thing down. Really slow to launch preview right now, which makes testing very slow.

Yeah experiencing the same here, its on and off like a tap with the ‘Saving’…sometimes I find a clean page refresh sometimes keeps this at bay. Also getting a few timeouts in the apps logs.

It was a bit quirky before; now it just stopped saving. Submitting a bug report.
Has anyone else done this already?

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Something is going wrong
Bubble Status


This is the problem with having everyone on the same server, someone probably just built an app or a plugin that somehow uses all of our shared resources, might be my app, it all started when I duplicated a complex page, sorry y’all. :smile:. It’s Sunday so we might have to wait some time for the team to fix this.

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ugh. Even submitting a bug took a long time.

Ouch, that doesn’t look nice.

At the same time, the apps in the live version open very late :frowning: