Handling Payments

Hey Guys!

I am thinking about building an app,But i figured out an intresting issue,at least for me.
If i make a landing page for instance in Webflow,and i have a pricing plan in there.
Can i accept payments in that page and send it to my bubble app?

Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

Yes you can

Thanks for your answer!

Is there any place that i can get a reference from or any advice you could give me would be much appreciated!

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Awesome bud thank you!

sorry for the dumb question,im kind of new to bubble.
is there a way that i can send the payments/data that i get to my bubble app?
for instance,3 pricing plans and whatever the user chose his profile in my bubble app gets updated?

There is a tutorial on connecting with Bubble on Integromat’s website. I recommend you to play around with it.

Might take a day though but it’s worth it as you can do so much more with Integromat.

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Awesome man thanks for the reference!:slight_smile:

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Also, on the forum you can find how to initialize endpoints on Bubble by enabling Back-end API.


Just as another option to avoid the setup > https://www.servicebot.io/

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