Using the Zapier beta integration

It looks like I can use the Zapier beta integration when something in Bubble happens and I want that to trigger something in another app.

But it looks like I can’t use it when something happens in another app and I want that to trigger something in Bubble.

Is that correct?

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Hi John,

Can you be more specific about what you want to achieve? What do you mean by ‘another app’? Do you mean another Bubble app?

By the way. Are you familiar with It is way better than Zapier, and it has an excellent Bubble integration.


Hi, MIke. I’m trying to set up Quaderno to process subscription payments and calculate the appropriate sales tax/VAT/GST. The payments will come through Stripe.

Since Zapier doesn’t look like it will work, I’m trying to use Integromat to watch for the new payment in Stripe and then add a year to the user’s subscription in Bubble.

And why not to do direct integration? You can use API connector and Workflow API (to receive update from Stripe)


I had not thought of that. I think that will work. Thank you for pointing this out!


Hey John - I’m looking to do something very similar (Stripe + Quaderno). Were you able to get this working? I haven’t worked with the API Connector yet so hoping this isn’t too daunting!

Hi, Owen. I did figure it out using a Backend Workflow. I created a new API endpoint:

Then I use Zapier to get the information from the order processor (I ended up switching to Ecwid).

Zapier catches the new order webhook from Ecwid, GETs the data, updates the contact in ActiveCampaign, does a calculation, exports the order information to QuickBooks, and the POSTs the information to the Bubble webhook.

It takes careful attention to your GETs and POSTs, but it’s not too bad.