Webflow Integration

Hey guys,

just one question. Can I design my site/app with a different tool like webflow, than use the html, css & javascript code and integrate into your service?

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No not yet. But if there are some features you think are missing and you like with other editors let us know and we’ll see if we can add them.

Could be so nice

Since this thread has been refreshed, I have a small missing item :roll_eyes: @emmanuel @marca

I have been trying for 2 months now (since Im not a developer) to have Asana hooked to bubble. There is no way I can pass the headers x-hook-secret back to Asana.

I have even upgraded my plan on the hopes that it works.

Here is a Link to an olderthread

And if anyone can share a workaround, I would be gratefull. I have tried webtasks.io but still couldn’t get my way around it, as you still have to know some code (been doing that the past week)

Hey @emmanuel , as it has been > 3 years to your reply I wonder if things have changed.
Can we use webflow UI and integrate to bubble application?

If Webflow lets you hit an API endpoint, then yes, you can use Bubble as a backend. But this is more a question for Webflow, not Bubble. You can use Bubble for the backend only using the Workflow API and the Data API.

I think he means copying over the html and css. Which would be awesome.