"Hard-coded" values in repeating group - is this possible?

I have developed a reusable element for picking time values (hour, minute, am/pm).

The element works well except for one thing: the values in the repeating groups are pulled from the database, i.e. there are 26 values including AM and PM that are pulled into the element by means of database searches, e.g.

This may not be a big deal but it seems like the element would load more quickly if the values were coded into the element so there wouldn’t need to be three database searches.

I would have built the element with embedded values but I simply don’t know how to create a list of values without getting them from the database.

Can anyone help me or point me to documentation or an example of creating a “constant” list of values that can be used as the data source for a repeating group?


Just an idea but would using options sets help?

Thanks. I think I saw that show up as a new feature not too long ago. I’ll check it out.

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