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How to select element in repeating group?

Helllo guys

How can i select x element from a repeating group?
I have multiple repeating groups having different states and i would like to select 1 element from each.

Thank you

Buna ziua :slight_smile:
if you refer to that element from within the repeating group then you can use “current cell” in the expression
if from outside then you need to refer to repeating groupXXXX,item#NNN
Does it make sense?

Buna ziua Levon :slight_smile

Thank you for your answer
What i’m trying to do is to save 1 element from each repeating group.
Each repeating group = 1 watch element.
For example:
Repeating group 1 allows user to select watch dimension.
Repeating group 2 allows user to select watch frame and so on.

I need to save in a temporary order or something like that, each selected option and at the end, when user confirms the order, i will create the final order.
Here is the link to editor:

Thank you a lot for your time
I really appreciate it

if that saving has to be triggered by the button “pasul urmator” then it’s difficult because it is access from outside of repeating groups. If you had a button inside each repeating group that would say “select this option” then the user would click on it and you would make changes in the database and save “current cell” values to the user data…

i can add that button without any problem. But how i would save the “current cell” values to user data? which user data? what would i modify? Do i need to create a thing?

you would either need to create a thing, or modify a thing if it’s an existent record, but it’s not easy to explain here…
basically you need to create some table that would remember the user choices (if it has to be saved in the database) if it’s only for the current session then you can use custom states - which are data but that is valid only as long as the user is using the app…

can we discuss via skype?