Hard horizontal swipe

hello folks,

I have created an RG with horizontal scroll. But I don’t want the transition to be smooth. I want the next column to appear completely at a time. @Bubble team can you please tell a solve for this or build one soon.

Is there any solution without RG. I am okay if these are multiple pages. But my data is dynamic, so considering using RG only.

@Bubble If you could atleast tell that the feature is in pipeline and expected number of days it will take to roll out, we can plan accordingly. It’s an important feature for me. Once this feature rolls, I am more than willing to buy a paid plan from you. Else useless.

I remember seeing a forum thread about this a while back, where one of the community members found a solution. I’ll try to search for it and see what I find, but we’ll cover more ground if you search as well. If I understand correctly, you want the horizontal swipe to basically “snap” to the next entry, instead of a fluid scroll. Is that correct?

Found the thread, I think this will be viable solution for you if you extract the concepts:

thanks for quick response @andrewgassen I will try them out and see if it solves my purpose

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If you want a quick solution and are willing to pay for a plugin, there are two plugins available where you can enable workflows based on a swipe action. You can use the swipe to trigger the “show next” repeating group action. I’ve never used them myself but these are the plugins available:

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