Has anybody successfully implemented socket.io / websocket?

I am working on a network game project where up to 10 users play in real time. There are some third party websocket services like socket.io, but has anybody used that on bubble?
If so would anybody guide us to right direction to integrate websokcet/ socket.io ?

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You would write a plugin for this.

Hey thanks @keith ,
Yes, that’s what guessed so. But it’s good to know that real time gaming is possible on bubble.
Do you think that AWS API gateway might be the alternative method?

It seems there is an issue between socket.io and AWS API Gateway.

https://www.pubnub.com/ might be a way to go.

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Well, where’s your server going to run? Not on Bubble as far as I can tell. So I’m sort of like, “Why is Bubble being used here at all?”

Thanks for the response. I am pretty much a bubbler. Most of my logic and database resides in bubble so that I can create things fast. When I need to extend my logic to like web3 and network gaming , I push myself and learn things I needed. So, I’m now here trying to learn websocket to get real time gaming implemented on bubble. Does it make sense?

Yep, that makes sense. I haven’t looked very deeply into that API, but it feels to me like you’re going to need some sort of server running somewhere for the server part of socket.

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Chat tools provided on Bubble also make use of the websocket, right?
This thread also gives me some insights how I can deal with the server.

I have successfully implemented socket.io via API Connector.

Hope it works well on real time games as well.


Could you give more details on you managed to create the connection?

You have to have a separate server where “socket.io” server script is configured, then paste the SSL certification on API Connector as noted above. You also have to set “socket.io” client side script on bubble.

I don’t know the details regarding a server side. I have a partner good at the server side. But a real time gaming is doable on bubble for sure.

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