Real Time Chatroom and Messaging (Websocket?)

Hi! So I am looking to build a user facing chatroom application that will require real time chat abilities. I saw that there are templates for chatroom applications that are available on the bubble marketplace that can build a working app but nothing confirms whether they will work in real time or not. I know that general applications will require usage of websocket to allow real time functions to occur and from my searching, it doesn’t seem like Bubble has support for websocket. Has anyone had experience building or operating apps on Bubble with similar real time needs such as this and know if this platform has can support the creation of real time applications? Please let me know, thank you very much in advance!

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What’s the specific feature you want to achieve?
Messaging is complicated, not just about if it’s real-time or not.
Like, how do you want to handle all data? Fully P2P transferred and non-stored in any DB?

We just launched a plugin that can help you build a P2P-secured video chatroom in your app in no time. And it can be pure texting room with some quick adjustments.

Feel free to check and try it: Wondercall (P2P Video & Audio Call) Plugin | Bubble
We have the free version that you can use to build a demo without any pressure:

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The goal would be to have an app that could perform instant messaging/chatroom/videocall features, almost similar to what discord would do. We would have a preference for the data to be routed through centralized servers to reduce processing load on the users themselves while keeping up the real time abilities. In terms of P2P methods though, it does seem that bubble has support for WebRTC but not websockets. Would you think that could be a viable option for carrying this project out?

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Seems like an interesting plugin for video calls though and I’ll definitely check it out!

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If it’s pure texting, it requires very limited resources that both centralized-structure and P2P structure can handle pretty well (and p2p gives you and your users a higher security standard for sure.)
But it also depends on the scenarios of the messaging system on your application.
Like, are they mainly for 1-on-1 texting? or, for chatting in the same room with heavy attendees?

Our plugin and the communication system works pretty well on
Feel free to let us know what do you think and what further support you need from us after your test :slight_smile: