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Has anyone built an integration library for their app?

Just curious if anyone has built an integration library for their app before? For example if someone wanted to use a mailchimp integration of a stripe integration, they could use a pre-built one from a library within your webapp.

is the of supposed to be or? bit confused by this

If it is or, then I think what you are looking to do is to give users an ability to choose from different integrations your have setup using either plugins or APIs. I’ve done this in an app to give ability to choose to integrate with Zoom, Stripe and Google Calendar.

Sorry I wrote this post while travelling. It’s supposed to be “or” and not “of”.

Exactly how you’ve described is what I’m trying to achieve. Do you have an example of what you’ve done? Not the on the bubble editor but maybe the live actual app?

I setup the API calls using the API connector. Then in a user dashboard I setup buttons such as “connect Google Calendar” or “connect Zoom”. Then have workflows to run for the connection. In DB have data fields to save the necessary details of the users connected accounts.

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Thanks! I’m looking to do a similar setup and build a catalogue of integrations if possible.

Definitely possible