Multi User Stripe Integration without Marketplace

Hi folks…

I’m building an events app, so each of my app users will be using Stripe to charge their clients to attend an event. However, I don’t want to be involved in taking the money on their behalf, as Stripe Marketplace works. I want each of my app users to sign up to their own Stripe account, and therefore have their own Stripe API keys stored securely within their own area of my app.

As far as I can see, the existing Stripe plugins work with just one set of API keys, either to make payments to the app owner, or to the app users via Stripe Marketplace.

So is what I want to do technically possible?

And if so, a brief outline of the approach to building it would be much appreciated… I’m taking my first tentative steps into the brave new world of communication through APIs!

Thanks in anticipation,

You will want to use Stripe Connect ( The Stripe plugin built by Bubble allows you to access this, as well as the CoBubble built Stripe Js plugin.

Bubble’s plugin is simpler and quicker to get going, but CoBubble’s allows for more features and customizations.

I personally use the built in Bubble plugin, as it was only one available when I built the app and seems simpler to manage. However I think it only gives you access to Standard Accounts through Stripe Connect, which depending on your marketplace setup might not be ideal (more info about Stripe Connect Account types here:

Hi @gf_wolfer… thanks for your response!
I ended up deciding to find out more with the CoBubble education videos, and I’m going to work with them to define a spec and have them customise something for me.
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