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Has anyone connected to the Box API?

I manually created folders for new users and paste links to the shared box folders where users can upload files. It would be nice to take advantage of the Box API to automate this. I cannot find any help on setting this up on the Bubble forum or documentation and am getting lost in the weeds on the Box side. I have a box developer account. If you have already figured this out any help or suggestions would be great.

I think you have the option of using the Api Connector or Already in the Box with Zapier.

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Yeah, but that only allows one Box account that is Oauthed by Zapier. So not something the user can add “their” account to.

So as long as it is a single box account … that probably works. Or maybe several manually set up ones ?

Having delegated login is a much bigger thing … i.e. a button to connect your Box account to Bubble.

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