Has anyone else had investor pushback to using bubble?

I’m based in the UK and currently fundraising for my startup nestful.io, being built in bubble. We’ve had quite a bit of pushback from investors questioning our use of the technology and whether there’s value in funding a business that isn’t using proprietary code. My co-founder and I are very committed to no-code for multiple reasons of which this community is well aware - the ability to be agile to customer demands, the cost and speed at which we can roll out our product, not relying on external developers for minor changes we may wish to make (and ultimately to develop the skills to maintain the site ourselves). Has anyone else had a similar experience or, alternatively, knows of friendly early-stage investors who are also no code advocates?


Hi Suzanne,

We had problems with UK investors 3 years ago. All the same nonsense … scale, what if they go under etc etc

There are a few Uk nocode funds springing up.

The Makerpad Fund - Ben is UK based and a big nocode cheese.

Hi Suzanne - I often see you pop up in one of the London Startups Facebook groups. :wave:

Anyway, I guess it might depend on what stage of investment you are at. I’d say early investors are investing in team/market/product - and not results yet. So if they are investing in your product, they will have concerns about Bubble being a kinda closed garden.

If you can get out of this stage without investment and start showing consistent growth then you will get the investors who invest in momentum - these are the investors you want and they should not care what tech platform you are on so much. As long as you can show your product has some mind of product/market fit and you are meeting the demand.

I’d say it’s the same scenario with solo non-technical founders. The conventional wisdom is that they are non-investable in the early stages. However, if they can get their tech built with contractors etc and actually start building user/revenue without a tech co-founder then smart investors know they should be looking at someone who can execute despite not having tech knowledge.

Just my 2p.

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Hey @suzanne :wave:

Have you tried exploring this document: https://bubble.io/investordescription.pdf

Just thought that might help. :blush:

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I don’t disclose the fact that I utilize Bubble until they are really interested.

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Thanks, Nigel. I’ve had our deck forwarded to Ben by one of their scouts so fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have sent one person this doc which I thought could be of interest, while also being aware I might come across as patronising.

@george111 may also be an interesting contact as you are in a similar space for the 50+

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Sales trump all - if you can prove traction through sales, engagement rates or a repeatable customer acquisition channel and if you can tell the story right then most investors would overlook the tech stack pretty quickly :metal: