Making video fullscreen reloads page. A wide bubble bug?

I’ve seen this from other users in the forum, and not sure if this has been addressed yet. I’m using both native Vimeo integration, and a video plugin. Both refresh the page when making the video full screen.

What’s the deal? Is there a workaround?

I’ve come to believe that this is a common issue (reading around the forum). Is there a workaround with video players? I’ve tried 4 different plugins and they all seem to fall into this issue one way or another…

I have a lead!

If the page’s container is set to fixed width, then the the video works in fullscreen. However, if it’s not, then trying to go fullscreen just “bounced” the page back to non-fullscreen mode.

I’ve tried putting the video player inside a fixed-width group to no avail. It seems what governs this odd behavior is whether or not the page is set to fixed width or not…

This isn’t a good fix because fixed page width disables responsiveness and thus, the page is unusable in mobile (most traffic).

Any workarounds?

@emmanuel it seems this is a known issue, but a big one. Video is a common use case. This is affecting our corporate exercise app in a bad way. Do you have a timeline on when this will be fixed?

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