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Has anyone tried making a facebook bot using bubble?

If yes, can you please share a sample process in a public app on bubble? Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn’t most of this be done via

API integrations with my bubble app database will still be needed.

Have been looking at …

But not sure how to do it with Bubble TBH.

We are just starting to use for our bots. I’ll report back in a week or two once we get further.

@emmanuel Could you help? I want to trigger notifications to fb messenger when some action happens in my app. Would love it for users to reply back from right there. Possible??

No we don’t support this out of the box.

Did you make any progress with the integration?
I’m working on a project on that I plan to integrate with Bubble as well and would love to see how you managed to get the calls to work.


Anyone have any success with this?
I am assuming that using the API Connector, a repeating group (for the messages) and a bunch of conditions to trigger workflows when the response comes back from API.AI that we can effectively build this out.
Just curious to know if anyone was able to do this?