Has anyone tried the Nomadly template?

I’ve purchased this template but can’t seem to make the repeating group with the city data to show up when I click on preview. Anyone else have experience with the template? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi there, i replied to you by email asking to give us access to your app for troubleshooting. We’ll help you out with this.
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Just gave the team access - thanks for the prompt response!

Hi @tylerdurden

Seems like an issue with displaying the filtered data in RG, we fixed the issue. Please check it out.

Zeroqode Team.

Thanks - I just checked, it’s loading perfectly now. For my personal curiosity - could you tell me what the exact issue with the template was? I just tried creating a new dummy app with the template and the issue still persists so am personally curious to know what the issue/fix was. Thanks!

@tylerdurden Hello.

There is no issue with template, as you could see it in our live demo https://nomadtemplate.bubbleapps.io ; the issue with the app you created from template was with the search and filtering in place. The change is by Bubble since it is on a different plan, that’s why it did not give any results even though there were items in database.
Here’s the constraint in place which is not available under Template plan and uses legacy workflow logic, so the demo works. The latest version of bubble a different do a search method, that’s why it requires old constraint to be used.
When checking the constraint in the app created from template, the search and filter work as well. (Introduction - Bubble Docs).
Read more: [New Feature] Breaking change - null search/filter parameters no longer dropped by default

Zeroqode Team.

we have upgraded the template itself to the latest Bubble version and fixed that issue, so any new app created from the template will have this issue already sorted out

Ah, okay - makes sense!

Great - thanks, Levon. appreciate the team’s help.