Has anyone used Pixi.js on bubble?

I am trying to use Pixi.js on my app. This is a javascript library that many creative apps are relying on to take an advantage of webGL(fast rendering feature). I made a test page to see if this works on bubble.

It works fine if I clicked the iframe option on the HTML element.

But if I turn off the iframe option, nothing is happening there. I don’t want the iframe in my case.

Will anyone with similar experiences advise me what’s wrong with it?

Well, I found the solution. Actually that was my minor mistakes on my end.
So, I think bubble handles PixiJS without any hassle. It means you can use the power of WebGL too.


That’s an interesting library - what are you using it for?

I am working on content management system with rich graphics filters and animation. It’s going to look like Instagram Stories, hopefully haha :wink:

I am now struggling to enable webGL on bubble page. It fails to render with WebGL but fall back to canvas rendering.

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