Import HTML/CSS/JS Design into Bubble

Hello Community!

Happy to be here.

I am all new to this community and bubble. I was on the lookout for a developer and came across bubble. Bubble sounds very interesting, with great vision, excited to try it out and develop something myself

Anyhow, before I jump in … can anyone tell me if it’s possible to import my current project design … created with html/css/js into bubble? This is very important because I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building the design.

Thanks in advance.



Not yet. We don’t support importing stuff as it wouldn’t really make sense in most cases. The thing we could look into is the CSS, but for the HTML and the JS that won’t really work as the page structure won’t necessarily be the same.

How big is the CSS?

Yes importing marvelapp sketch designs or having html and css import could be wonderful

Hey, there!

Does it mean I can’t use @import to use parts of a bundle?