Hashtagging and @mentioning without a plugin

Hi folks,

Can anyone suggest a way to hashtag and @mention connected users the same way one can on Facebook, preferably while using multiline input fields, but without a plugin? I figure there must be a way, and I’m hoping it’s possible without a workflow that runs several times a second to check for # or @ being entered on the page. Bubble themselves seem to have implemented something like this for hashtags on this forum, which is itself built on Bubble, so I wonder how!

Thanks in advance!

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Actually this forum wasn’t built on Bubble by Bubble. I forgot what platform this is though.

If you don’t want to use plugins you’re gonna have to write your own JavaScript and in that case you might as well use a plugin.

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Hello @robin.wyatt

As @ihsanzainal84 kindly mentioned, please note that this forum is built and runs on Discourse

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Depressing lmao

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