[New Plugin] Mention - Tag Users / Items (Tagger)

Hi everyone!

I just published a plugin that will add the mention / tagging ability (with a configurable symbol like ‘@’, ‘#’, ‘+’ etc.) to any Bubble input! You can dynamically specify the list and customize the floating menu. The plugin will also return a list of mention data from the input for you to use.

:sparkle: Demo page (editor is public): Mention - Tag Users / Items (Tagger)
:arrow_right: Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/mention---tag-users--items-tagger-1691507005555x502022312626749400



  • Use ‘@’ to mention users
  • Use ‘#’ to mention user groups
  • Use ‘+’ to mention channels

As this is an add-on for your Bubble inputs, you do not have to replace your elements!

The whole mention/tag will be removed on backspace preventing “half” tags from still being present! :rocket:

Let me know if you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests!


Hey there! Love the plugin and its simplicity. However, is there a way in the resulting text to have the mentioned user’s as a clickable link that takes me to their page?

Any workaround for making this happen with find&replace or built into a workflow you know of?

Essentially, I am hoping to use this in a social media type platform in which you can click on a mentioned user’s name in the resulting text (as in creating a comment or post) and it takes you to their profile.

Thanks again for a great and simple tool.

Hi @runthis

Yes you could do this with the split by and formatted as text tool in a text element. I updated the demo page!

Hopefully this helps!

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Worked like a charm @Thimo! Thanks for this.

This does however make the comments take a while to load. I believe because it’s searching through my entire user database for user’s that match the criteria. But nonetheless, works great!


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This is great! Is there a way for the mentioned people’s @content to be highlighted in a different font (and bold)? Also, is there a way to mention @everyone?

It is not possible to decorate text in an input as that is not supported by the element itself, however, when displaying the text in a text element you can decorate the text. You can see an example on the demo page: Mention - Tag Users / Items (Tagger)

As you have control about what data to show, you can show an item that says ‘everyone’ and create logic to account for that :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I’m trying to set a condition for it to be turned off, but even by removing the input ID, turning visibility off and calling of data that doesn’t exist, it doesn’t seem to be turning off.

Hi @beccijanereid! I actually do not have a feature implemented to turn of the mentioning. I did not really think it was needed, but thanks for letting me know! I just pushed version 1.4.0 that adds the ability to turn it off! You can find the option here when you update the plugin:

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

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This is amazing!!! Thanks so much!!

I am trying to use your plugin on an input within a repeating group, but your “input id” field does not seem to allow dynamic input, so I am not able to auto-generate an input-id to match the auto-generated ID I create for the input (i.e. I cannot auto-generate “input-[Current cell’s index]” in your plug-in as I do in the html ID Attribute field of the actual input). Am I missing something?

@stomper-steed-0r Thank you for flagging! I just published version 1.6.0 that allows you to inout dynamic data for the input field :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the original value might get reset when updating, so make sure to check if there is an ID present when you upgrade (:

Hopefully this helps!

Sorry for my delayed response, but thank you very much for the quick update. Really like your plugin.

One more question. It seems this plugin does not have a workflow event (something like “when someone is @mentioned”). Is that be correct? This plugin would be even more powerful/useful if it had one…

Cool idea! This was actually pretty easy to add — I just pushed update 1.7.0 that should include this workflow action! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! That should benefit a lot of people - myself included. Thanks.

Is there any way to allow users to actually edit a comment, for instance, they’ve created using mentions? After said comment has been created, and they come back to the page to edit that comment, is there any way to detect the mentioned users in the original comment again + any removed/added mentions?

This would be needed to save which users are mentioned in the comment when saved subsequent times - the difference from the base/initial use case is that they will not be using the mentions selector to re-select previously added mentions, but we still need to account for whether they have been removed or not from the original comment.

Hi @jgh3, yes the element will always detect the mentions in the text. So, if a user edits a message and removes a mention or add a new one, the list of mention data exposed by the plugin will update with the correct mention data. Does that make sense?

You can visit the demo page to see how you can access this state:
Mention - Tag Users / Items (Tagger) (editor is public)

Hopefully this helps!

This is a brilliant plugin @Thimo ! Is it possible to use this plugin with the rich text editor?

Hi @para.design!

Right now this plugin only works with the default Bubble inputs (the normal one and the multiline input). I will put it on my list to see if I also can make it work for the Bubble rich text editor!

However, this mentioning functionality is already present in my Rich Text Editor plugin:

DemoModern Rich Text Editor (Editor.js)

Hopefully this helps!

Congratulations on the plugin, I just installed it and it is very simple and functional to use.

Just one question, I don’t understand how I can, after extracting the mention, separate it into a publication already saved in the database to insert a direct link to that mentioned user.

On the DEMO page you placed the information being downloaded directly from the text field, could you make a demo pulling the information from the database please?