Have a record update when the current date is 6 months before a fields date

I have a field called End_Date. I want a workflow to run when the current date is 6 months before the End_Date, and update the record and take some actions. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

Search the forum for Scheduled workflows.

I’ve seen a couple/few posts in this vein recently, and the prevailing wisdom (if you will) seems to be that having a separate field to track the date on which you want the workflow to run is a good way to go.

So, whenever you set the End_Date of the record, you would also set another field on the record to be the End_Date minus six months. Then, like @solinz said, you run a scheduled workflow every day to pick up the records whose End_Date_Minus_Six_Months field is the current day, and you run the workflow on those records.

Hope this helps.



I see two ‘problems’ unless I am missing something:

  1. how to trigger the scheduled event without an event (just run by default every daily), by default an event has to ‘start’ the workflow
  2. you need to pay for an upgraded subscription (+$100) to run daily

I am looking for a WF that runs like a batch behind the scenes and regardless what the user events are. just a boring batch job daily and updating the db everyday. how can I do that?

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