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Scheduled workflow: Change scheduled date

Quick question:

I have a scheduled workflow, where scheduled date is set to a field named “StartDate +2 days”.

If the StartDate field is changed will the scheduled workflow still run at the original date + 2 days, or will it update to the new date + 2 days?

I would find a a way so the first scheduled workflow is not run in two days (with a condition linked to the thing you run the workflow on) and scheduled another workflow.

That was my thought too. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t possible to just change the StartDate. :slight_smile:

We use the field value when the workflow is scheduled, so a change after won’t change the scheduling.

I meant a condition on the endpoint, evaluated when the workflow is run.

Yes I understood that :slight_smile: Thats my current solution. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my response. :slight_smile:

ok, it was just to be sure :slight_smile: