Have a RG with 2 columns populate top to bottom?

Maybe I’m overlooking something, but when I create a repeating group with more than 1 column, the list gets populated from top to bottom but first from left to right:

1 2
3 4
5 6

I’d rather have:


Is this possible?

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Is no-one else running into this issue? I was thinking of solving it with two or more 1 column RG’s but will cause all sort of other issues.

In each cell in a second repeating group, refer to the first repeating group’s odd and even objects. Set the first repeating group’s data source as half of the objects as the first.

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Right, but it sounds like a hack and is a lot of work for all the RG’s I have. It would be nice to be able to select if you want it top/down first or left/right first. Can this feature be sponsored @emmanuel if it doesn’t exist already?

We don’t have that yet. Sponsoring right now isn’t possible, but maybe in a few weeks/months.

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Hey, no progress with this? I just came across this issue as well

Did anyone come up with a good solution for this? I have a RG of 50 questions that looks great in one long column on mobile, and they readjust into multiple columns for wider screens perfectly… except that it’s very confusing for the question numbers to go across instead of down.

I’ve tried nesting RGs, but the formatting becomes a nightmare. It feels like there should be a clever solution. Maybe a sort that somehow puts question 2 in index 4 when there are 3 columns? Open to ideas.

Is there still no way to accomplish top-to-bottom populating of multi-column repeating groups?