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Have an issue to add a list in a list in the backend workflow

Hello everyone,

I have an issue to put a list in another list in the backend workflows section. I have this mistake

I put a copy of my database, here the data type Transactions Data

and the data type BankAccount

here what my API sends me

When I try to add only one item it’s working but I can’t add the whole list. Do you have any ideas ?
Thanks for your help

It looks like you have two different datatypes. I assume your step 3 is where you make the api call? If so, this will be a data type of type ____ (where the blank is whatever you have called your API - looks like you’ve called it Mono Transactions) but your Bank account is expecting a data type which is not an api call but an actual data type that you have manually created in your DB.

Likely the fix is to change your list_transac type to Mono Transactions and then you will not have the problem in your first screenshot

Yes it’s worked :slight_smile: Thanks

Happy to help

It’s works but I don’t see the data from the API, I see this sentence
(data from API connector)
instead of my data in my field, do you know why ?

You won’t. It’s the same thing if kept list_transac’s datatype as “List of Transactions datas”. If you had kept it this way, all you would see is the unique id of that particular Transaction data. The only difference between an api call and a datatype in your DB is that a datatype will have a unique id associated with it and an api call will not. Hence why you see the text “(data from API connector)”. The data is still there and in your workflows and dynamic data, you will still have access to all of it. Only difference is that it just shows up differently in your app data.

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Thanks Paul I appreciate

NP. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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