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Have you integrated Payroll/Bank Transactions into Bubble?

Hi Bubblers,

Have you integrated Payroll/Bank Transactions into Bubble?
I am creating a system that can record how Funding/Grants have been spent.


I wonder if Sage, Oracle or QuickBooks have Payroll functions that can integrate with Bubble?

The payroll integration would show the list of employees on a project and if they are 100% funded by the project it would show how their gross salary works through to the net salary (show how we or we got from someone’s gross salary to someone’s net salary). If someone is working part-time, then it would show the proportion of their salary that is charged to the project

I’m trying to avoid users having to get information from some other Payroll system and then manually having to type salaries in.

Bank Transactions Integration

I am looking for a system that can feed in bank transactions in UK bank accounts

NB: What a funder sends you is not what you get, as your bank will take off fees for foreign currency transactions.

It then becomes your word against theirs because you haven’t got any banking referencing to show what actually came through

Quickbooks and Xero have API integration - just check their docs about what information you can access via API…and check out Sage and Oracle as you’d be able to look up if they have API’s available and what information you can access.

With the implementation of Open Banking happening, bank transaction data should get a lot easier. There may also be third party service that you can integrate with to get this up and running but google will be your friend here.

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Use Plaid :+1:

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Thanks for the quick response.

Literally saw that Quickbooks have a Payments/Timesheets API which I am checking out and I’ll come back ion if this solves it.

I knew I’d seen an API that connects to many banks!

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Wait until you see the fee related to using Plaid or Yodlee :stuck_out_tongue:


But then again, probably a big investment to get those services up and running and they’ve got to make it back somehow :sweat_smile:

This is what scares me lol