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Instagram clone help

Hi I used the Instagram clone to build a live feed for when my users post their feed but for me at the moment I can’t see my own post not sure where it just because I haven’t published it yet or something I need to do to be able to see my own post.


Check privacy settings in the dB

Wait sorry I’m new to this how to I check the privacy for data base, and would it be e users data base or the post content data base ?


Here you can find some instructions about privacy rules on Bubble:


@mateusproto recommended documentation is super helpful! :grinning:

Another suggestion: delete all privacy settings until you become more familiar with Bubble

Below, a video to complement the above suggested documentation

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@cmarchan do I need to add a new field to the data base ?

Hello @chamberspaul619

I would not know what to suggest as I am not familiar with your project.

When data is not shown one of the most common reasons is that privacy settings are restricting their visibility.

Mine was a suggestion. As I said, there is not enough information to provide more substantial suggestions.

Best of luck with your project journey! :grinning:

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