Having database remember information submitted from prior screen/replacing it

What I’m building is a website where users create a log in, then log in to download and upload completed documents.

Currently when they upload both documents a button appears then that takes them to an orientation page. How can I build the dataset to remember the documents that have been uploaded previously? If they go back to the page (which is a required build, because there is a strong probability that they upload the wrong documents) then it shows the fields as blank again.

This is the document page before uploading documents

This is the document page after uploading documents
This is the page where the appeared button leads to, and then back if different documents are loaded.

As you can see the document files are now gone, how can I keep them there after a page reload? And if they are replaced, to replace the old one in the database as opposed to it being a new entry?

Seriously I have no idea how do any of this so I’m sorry for what is probably simple questions but any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Need to replace old files per ID with newly uploaded files