Having difficulty accessing option set

I am having trouble with a page that contains multiple ‘panes’ (basically squares) labelled A1, A2, A3, etc. These panes can have an arrow inside, pointing Up, Down, Left, or Right.

The panes (A1, A2, A3, etc) are stored as an option set called OS_window_panes and the direction of the arrow is stored using an attribute called ‘Direction’.

The goal is for a user to click on a pane, have that pane saved as a custom state ‘selectedPane’ and then choose an arrow direction - if the user clicks on the “Up” arrow, for example, I want to set the ‘Direction’ attribute of the OS_window_panes to be “Up”.

Currently, clicking a pane successfully stores the selectedPane in the custom state. Then, once that is saved the user clicks on an arrow … I am doing this in the workflow to try and set the arrow direction, but I can’t seem to make changes to the OS_window_panesdata via a custom state.



Option Sets allow you to have a static list of choices

The key word here is “static”. You set them in advance in the editor and then they are read only in the app

My options are static in that they are a set list. What I am trying to do it change a custom state’s value based on the option set of another custom state. I was initially surprised that this was proving difficult but now I think it is slightly complex.

Apologies for my previous reply, there were several spelling mistakes which I’ve corrected (it was not clear)!

what type of data is your custom state?
My understanding from the first post is that it’s of type OS_window_panes that you say it’s an option set. Therefore the custom state can only be assigned the value of an option set, but you can’t modify its attributes.

In your picture it looks like you are trying to set the value of selectedPane that I suppose is of type OS_window_panes.

If you want to change a custom state based on a condition just put the condition in the “only when” section

I just make a quick video which may make things clearer on my aim Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

correction, I meant to say that my workflow’s custom state needs to refer to the option set to choose the pane.

Unfortunately I detest video explainations of issues that are not a visual/graphical problem.
Sometimes it’s better to explain this kind of issues with written text and some screenshots of the actual implementation because it helps framing the problem and reasoning about it.

So, are you having a difficult time setting up the custom state (called selectedPane) as in your first screenshot?
If yes, what type of data is it?

Do you need to set selectedPane based on a condition?
Something like: if otherstate is up then set selectedPane to pane1 else set selectedPane to pane2 ?
If yes you just need 2 “set state” actions, each one with the cossesponding value, and the corresponding condition to run, so that only one will run because of the conditions.

Ok I understand. Unfortunately I can’t stay online much longer tonight but tomorrow or Tuesday I will produce a clear visual which may help. Appreciate your help thus far, I know a lot of the issue is my inability to explain things clearly sometimes!

Most of the time you will find the solution yourself once you can explain it clearly, take your time :slight_smile:

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I have the good folk at pronocoders helping with this and I am still trying to fix it but here’s a simple outline of the issue;

have two option sets:

optionset-1 has an attribute which refers to optionset-2

The page has a custom state selectedWindow which references optionset-1

So, you would think I could search selectedWindow's optionset-1'soptionset-2 but I can’t.

My conclusion is that a custom state cannot reference an attribute of an option set.

I tried this setup and it’s working:

  • create option set set2

  • create option set set1 with a field set2ref of type set2

  • create an option option2 of type set2

  • create an option option1 of type set1 with the attribute set2ref pointing to option2

  • create a custom state of type set1 with default value option1

  • add a text that display custom state > set2ref > display

  • correctly display the text option2 in the preview

As you can see you can access nested attributes of a custom state that has an option set type. If you can’t it’s because in the expression you are building it’s not an allowed value

As I said before I suspect that you are trying to modify an attribute of your custom state, but because your custom state is an option set you can’t modify its attribute, and that’s why you can’t access what you want in the formula.


Thank you so much that’s very kind of you to set that up. Hmmm, now I am very confused because it seems to work for you.

Here’s my actual set up;

I have an option set for window panes (A1, A2, A3 etc) which references open Direction.

pane refers to direction

The Direction option set looks like this has it’s own attribute with some SVG code.


I have a custom state on the page which references the window panes;


My page is a reusable group called “r-WINDOW-creator” so I can’t see why this code doesn’t work, especially because it is blue and no error;



OK, I have started over;

User clicks window A1 which sets the page’s custom state to A1
User clicks the button which should show the ‘arrow up’ on that window

Now, in the workflow I need to set the page’s “OS_Direction” to ‘Down’, but then how does it know to refer to A1?

To approach this differently, I need to set the state of the custom state “selectedPane”'s window. But, as previously mentioned, Bubble is only giving access to the panes within that custom state’s option set and not the attribute (direction). Ideally I want the Value below to be ‘Direction is Down’.


@dorilama After working through this with the pronocoders team it appears the only way I can do it is by changing my set up to include data in the database (as admin data) which can be referred to.

I won’t describe the issue any further because it is so complicated I can’t explain in a way which makes sense to me, let alone you! My window configuration is perhaps more complex than it appears and maybe there’s a conflict issue which prevent me from using your provided solution.

I have a solution provided by pronocoders which I am going to try and understand and implement. Amazing how something I thought would be simple has become a pain! Thank you for your help anyway …

I’m glad yoi found a solution. :slight_smile:

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