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Option set not saving

I have sent in a bug report but having an issue where changes to a thing’s option set value is not saving. I have a bug report but wondering if anyone else has had this issue while I wait since the issue is both in prod and dev.

Hi there, @crathbun… this probably isn’t the case, but the behavior that is shown in the video makes it seem like a custom state could be in play. The fact that the value is changing on the page but then reverting back when the page is refreshed is exactly what I would expect to see if you were setting a custom state instead of saving the value to the database. Again, that probably isn’t the case, but I didn’t think it could hurt to ask if you have a custom state in play that could be causing the behavior.


Yep, I know exactly what you mean. it was the first thing I checked. Btu this is not run on option sets. Even the condition that makes the element green is set to do so on the thing’s Option set value.

and that is what the debugger shows too.

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Also to note, I had just been on holiday and had not changed anything for weeks (for fear of anything breaking) :slight_smile:

twas a bug. now fixed. Thanks for looking!

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