Having issue trying to put each list item in separate row in repeating group, please help!

Hey guys, so I have been struggling hard on this for the past few hours. Essentially, I have a database set up with certain people like Mike, Ryan, etc, and the database has their name and 3 lists. A list of jobs, job descriptions, and prices. So essentially, what I want is a repeating group to show all the items in the lists in a repeating group. So 1 item per row. I was able to get the repeating group to show the info for the specific person I need using constraints, but the issue is the list options do not separate per row. I have created an illustration to better explain the issue. If anyone has any idea on how to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated since I am at my wit’s end here. Thanks again, and happy new year!

I would advise changing your database structure before going any further… then it will be simple.

Use relational database objects rather than parallel lists of (presumably) texts (which won’t work reliably in Bubble anyway).

Your current database structure will cause all sorts of problems for you.

How about describing to us how users interact with

descriptions … are these part of a job?
prices … are these also part of a job?

@cmarchan I’m assuming there is no Job datatype here (although there really should be)…

Hence the parallel lists of texts…

@no-reply And if there is, then you still definitely need to change your database structure, as I said above.

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Yes so the job description is the description of the job and the price is the cost of that particular job. I just need it in the repeating group to look like the pic so it can be clearly seen as so.

Thanks @no-reply

Then consider this dB model

name (text)
jobs (list of jobs)

name (text)
description (text)
price (number)

Hey, thanks for your reply, so yeah I guess the data structure needs changing, this would have been quite nice if I could do it like this.

I will do it this way, is this better for performance to separate databases like this and link them? I was thinking if I could keep it all in one database row it would be good for performance.

Short answer … will work great! :slight_smile: