How to display each item within a field (list of texts) as a separate RG row?

I am trying to display each item from the list of texts in a separate row of a Repetitive Group, but whatever I tried does not work. All I got is all the entries in all rows, separated by a coma.

I am attaching the images of how it is displayed right now, the database and the RG setting.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Just to explain myself better, this is the result I am looking for:

What are you putting in your text element?

Not really sure what are you referring to. Sorry, I am very new to Bubble

You must have added a text element inside your repeating group in order to display the text in your screenshot…

So what have you entered in the text element as the text to display? (I’m pretty sure I know, but a screenshot would be best to confirm it)…

Ok, got it now. Here is the setting:

Yup, Adam knew. :slight_smile:

If you change that expression to Current cell's text, you should get the desired result.


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That is working perfectly. Thanks so much for the help, was really stuck :slight_smile:

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