Separating data in repeating group


I am trying to link an input form (for tracking job applications) with a repeating group. When the user hits submit, each of the inputs and sent to the database. I then ask the repeating group to display (in this case) job title and salary.

However, it just lists them all in the same text box and repeats this. How can I display each form entry on a new row in the repeating group?

Any advice much appreciated, really pulling my hair out over this one.

Your data source for the RG is likely off. If you share screen shot we can help diagnose the problem.

Hello, thank you for replying. I have managed to separate the results by adding item #: current cells index.

However, it isn’t quite displaying correctly and you might be able to offer some wisdom on the matter! It might just be a simple formatting error, but two of the text box’s seem to bunch up when displaying data.

Is there a better way of structuring this visually so that the data is displayed in ordered columns?

Your RG logic is still off. A few tips:
You should avoid doing a “search for” within your RG at all costs as it will significantly slow down your app. There might be some rare occasions where this is unavoidable and your case is not one of them.
For your text elements, instead of the “search for” within the RG, you should be able to just use “Current Cell’s Job Title” and “Current Cell’s Employer” etc.

Thanks for the advice SerPounce, I’ve changed it to what you suggested and it’s working well.

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Great, glad to hear it worked out.