Having trouble Filtering a Repeating Group

I’m trying to create a database app that allows me to track data on professional wrestlers.

I am building it one step at a time, as I don’t want to design the entire app I have on paper, and find out way down the line that an idea I had won’t work. So I’m going step by step. I started with login functionality and then moved on to where Users can Create a League, and Create Competitors.

Competitors can be in more than one league, but their statistics should be tracked only in the league they’re in. For example if Joe Strong is in League A and also League B. His stats from League A should not be included in League B.

To accommodate this, I have 3 Types…One Called Leagues. One called Competitors, and One called LeagueRoster.

It assigns a list of Competitors to a League, essentially making those competitors in that League’s Roster.

So I got that working…A user can sign up for my app, then create a League, and subsequently create competitors. Then I have it where the user can select which competitors are in that league.

They select the competitor(s) from a RG, which accumulates in a custom state. Then when a button is clicked, a new LeagueRoster entry is created.

From here I want to view a RG of competitors MINUS competitors already added to this league…So that when I go to Edit my roster…I only see competitors not yet assigned to the league, so that when I add them to a custom state and hit the button, it updates the list of competitors in that league to include the ones I just added. I already have this functioning well, as far as updating a current roster with new competitors, but the repeating group list shows all of my competitors in the DB and again, I just want to see the ones not currently in the league.

I have been stuck on this for about an hour and a half, and searching through the forums I found some information, but none of it helped me with my issue.

Thanks for any help/information.

Interesting use case, @mikemar10 - have you been using the “Advanced” feature inside of :filter?

It sounds like you want to create an Advanced filter to apply to your competitor repeating group and then compare the final results of the RG against the existing list of competitors inside of your current league. The constraint would be “Advanced: This competitor does not contain ExistingRoster’s List of Competitors”:

If you apply the constraint “does not contain [current league’s list of competitors]” (or something along that line), it will not display results that are contained within your current league.