Having trouble making changes to a list

I’m relatively new to Bubble so I’m just learning the ropes here.

I have a multi-file uploader that triggers a workflow when its value is changed.

The workflow creates a custom state with the uploader’s value (files). That custom state becomes the data source for a repeating group which then lists the files and clears the uploader.

See here:

I’m trying to create a button or link that allows users to save the current cell’s file to a list of files (the list is called Brand Guides) within the current user’s account.

But I’m not sure if I’m doing this right because as I’m selecting the “list to change” it won’t let me stop with Current User’s Brand Guides (the list I’m trying to add the file to).

Any advice? Am I doing this all wrong? Thanks!

From what you’ve described (as I understand it) you’re intending to add the uploaded files to a list field on a datatype called Brand Guide, which is connected to a User? Is that correct? (Is Brand Guides a datatype or a field?)

Or have I misunderstood entirely?

In any case, from your screenshot above you’re currently making changes to a list of Users - which I don’t think is what you’re trying to do.

It sounds like what you want to do is to change a single Brand Guide (not a list of Brand Guides), in which case you need to use the ‘make changes to a thing’ workflow action and select the Current User’s Brand Guide to add the files to.

I may have misunderstood your intention here, in which case some more details are needed to clarify what exactly your trying to do (perhaps some screenshots of your database setup, and workflows would help).

Thanks for the reply.

To clarify, I’m intending to add the uploaded files to a list field within User. So Brand Guide is a list field (screenshot below).

Ah ok,

So yeah, you don’t want to use ‘make changes to a list of things’ (that will update multiple users at once with the same file).

You just want to add the file to the current user’s Brand Guides field.

So you need to use the ‘make changes to current user’ workflow action (assuming it is the current User you’re updating - if it’s a different user then use ‘make changes to a thing’ and select the specific user to update).

Then select the Brand Guides field to modify, and add the current cell’s file.

That did the trick! Thank you for being so kind and quick in your replies.

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