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Having trouble setting up Stripe

Very new to this. I have created a Stripe account and put the Test APIs into the Stripe Pluggin. Now I cant figure out how to access Stripe in my app. How do I put Stripe on a page so that my users can pay for a service? I haven’t activated my Stripe account yet, but I thought that is only necessary for going live. Can anyone help?

The way it works is that you add the action ‘charge the current user’ in your workflow, which will prompt the user to enter his credit card information.

See this

Thanks for the speedy response! Love your attention to these forums!

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Can the stripe action be run on a Link? Or it must be a button?

I can’t edit workflows on a link it seems unless I’m missing something…

Does a stripe pop up appear or something when you are saving information in stripe under this user?

Or do we need to create input forms and map the forms in the workflow settings similar to everything else we do in Bubble?

Have not gotten a key yet for Stripe. Still investigating how to best setup this system.