Header displaying incorrectly in editor

I was just about to push an update live for my app when I noticed the editor was displaying my header weirdly. The logo is normally far left and buttons far right. It’s now all centered and stacked. I haven’t touched the header, and it’s displaying correctly when Previewed.

Is anyone else seeing this same issue? Just popped up within the last 10 minutes.

Bumping… any else have a header that is displaying incorrectly in the Editor but correctly in Preview? I have one other app, and the same thing is happening.

@js005 How things look in the editor does not necessarily indicate how it will look when rendered (… in preview)

I’m aware, but I’ve been using Bubble for the last 8 months and not only has something like this never happened, but this same header has been in place for the last 8 months and this has never happened.

Yep, can confirm.
My header is a reusable element with row layout (so all navigation buttons are on the same row). But in the editor the header is shown as it has a column layout and each button is on a separate row.

Awesome - thank you for confirming that it isn’t just me! Same situation where my header is a reusable element with a row layout, and is incorrectly displaying in column layout.

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