Header doesn't update from the version-test to live

Hello community, i’m new to Bubble, I created a landing page using Canvas template, everything seems well except one thing. The header is updating in the version test but not in the live one.

The logo is not available in the live version & the redirections have not been updated.
I’ve tried these solutions :
→ deployment … 20 times
→ Update the logo in the Canvas template
→ check the “File Manager” tab & update the logos

I would like to make sure that everything is updated when I switch to the live version.

A little push would be helpful & appreciated :wink:
Thank you!

Hi @ayman you need to push the database data from version test to version live. Ensure to push especially objects (that is tables) that holds the app data in the version test database to the version live database


This link above can give you insight on how to copy version test database to version live database.

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hey thank you!

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