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Good morning. I request your help. I have an app that I put online two days ago. I definitely did something wrong. Deploy the current version to live I redirected my app to the DNS that you told me but it still appears in the web address to live. /version-test. I ask for your help to solve it. Thank you

Hi @Taypan!

I don’t know if I understood the issue…

The sufix /version-test will always be there. It represents the development version of your app. So everytime you make an adjustment, you can check it just insertig the sufix /version-test in your URL. If everything is fine, you can deploy this version to live, and now you will be able to see these adjustments without the sufix.

To access your site, just type Without the sufix.

Gracias @rpetribu.
Pensé que al compilar para vivo, vestion-test se eliminaba.

Thanks @rpetribu.
I thought when compiling for vivo vestion-test was removed.
Thank you

Something that puzzles me is that when putting the app live, it indicates that the database is not the same in version-test as in live.
Can you help me with that?
Thank you

You development version and your live version are different not only in layout and code (things that you do in your editor), but also in data (database).

This allow you to test your development version without affecting the live data. That is why Bubble will not change your live database when you deploy a new version (the database of your development version will always be out of date).

If you want to match one or all your database, you can go to your App Data and click in “Copy and restore database” and fallow the next steps.

Coincidentally, my app is precisely for a Greengrocer.
Excuse my ignorance.
In short, the fact that “/version-test” appears in the URL does not affect the DB that is in the live version?
Thanks again and excuse my ignorance.

Yes. :+1:

Everything you do in your live version will stay in your live database.
Everything you do in your development version (version-test) will stay in your development database.

The only way to sync your database is manually.

I don’t know what time you live.
But it’s never too late to give a TOTAL THANK YOU

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